About the Citizens

The Rip Citizens are a collective of long-time friends and NBA nerds who decided the time they already spent talking about basketball could (arguably) be more constructive. We are:

Alex Ward – co-host/producer. Alex is an average white guy with average on-court abilities that models his game after Andre Miller. He got tired of boring people at social gatherings by talking about basketball, so he started doing it into a microphone instead. His all-time favorite Blazer is Arvydas Sabonis and he once met him in Fred Meyers buying a bag of rice.

Edwin Janes – co-host/NBA connoisseur. Edwin once won a Jeremy Lin Haiku contest. Now he’s looking to turn a lifetime of watching basketball and a love of wordplay into something that can’t be contained by 17 syllables. In his spare time he watches comedy TV and shoots a lot of mid-range jumpers. Favorite all-time Blazer is Bill Walton, followed closely by Clyde Drexler and Drazen Petrovic.

Chilly Willy  social media correspondent/resident musician. Chilly Willy is a man of the people. An esteemed flutist and beat-maker, Chilly has given his funk to the world and has asked for nothing in return. His compassion for humanity is matched only by the breadth of his wit and child-like enthusiasm for the Blazers and the NBA. When he’s not lending his smooth pipes to the Rip Citizens, you can find him playing music, eating pizza, and taking naps in public. His all-time favorite Blazer is Rasheed Wallace, and actually still fits into his youth size jersey.